Friday, January 30, 2009

Elizabeth Eagen - Tbilisi Portraits


Pyzahn said...

Hey...greetings from the flatlands ...USA. I am going through blogger and visiting everyone who listed bacon as an "interest". Gotta love folks who think fatty strips of pork are akin to a hobby.

Love these images!

lado said...

...hey, what's wrong with the bacon? are you vegan?

Pyzahn said...

No...oh, the horror. I could only find you because I listed the same fondness for bacon.

You wouldn't believe how many other folks fall into this category. We're thinking about starting a club. Working on a secret handshake and all the other formalities.

How's this for a motto:
Will blog for bacon.

lado said...

... btw I changed profile, it's not bacon anymore... Long Live Francis Bacon!

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